Post–Op Instructions

To ensure your comfort and the success of treatment, we strongly suggest that the following instructions be carried out:

  1. A dressing will cover the treated areas. If the dressing should loosen, do not try to force it out. Gently push it back into place and leave it alone until it falls out by itself. If you try to “help it along”, you may pull some of the sutures along with the dressing. If the area feels reasonably comfortable without the dressing, no problem. If you feel the area would be more comfortable with another dressing, please call the office and we will redress it.
  2. Until the dressings hardens (approximately one hour), avoid hot foods and beverages.
  3. Do not chew on the side of your mouth just treated, and do not brush those teeth covered by the dressing. However, other areas of your mouth should be cleaned as usual.
  4. Avoid excessive exertion of any type for twenty-four (24) hours following surgery.
  5. In some cases, puffiness or mild swelling may result. This may be kept at a minimum by holding ice on the outside of your face, adjacent to the treated area, for the first four to five hours after your surgical visit (10 minutes on … 5 minutes off). Note: Swelling is usually not indicative of infection.
  6. Mild discomfort is readily controlled with a prescription as directed. Continue taking medication only if necessary to prevent discomfort.
  7. If penicillin or other antibiotics are necessary, we will give you a prescription. Please continue taking the antibiotic as directed.
  8. Occasional blood stains in the saliva may be expected. If there is considerable bleeding, rinse with ice water and then take a piece of gauze or a cold, wet tea bag and apply lateral pressure over the area of bleeding for 30 minutes.
  9. If you develop an unpleasant taste, you may gently rinse with cool water, with or without a mouthwash. Chloraseptic mouth rinse will help relieve soreness when used.
  10. If antibiotic coverage is needed for surgery, please be sure to follow the same routine for the suture removal.

If any problems arise, please feel free to notify us at (603) 623-6639 so we may advise you.